I had a problem with one of my users regarding her Blackberry device , she was receiving meeting invitations as an Email not as a Meeting requests.

the problem was with her Mailbox configuration , the Feature / option ” Process External Meeting Messages” was turned off (set to false) .


To solve this problem you need to get the user mailbox configuration using PowerShell command, and set the value of “ProcessExternalMeetingMessages” to do that use the following:


Get-CalendarProcessing -Identity <username> | format-list


if the value is set to “False” then you will need to set it for “true”

to do that you can use the Following Command-line :

Get-mailbox <alias> | Set-CalendarProcessing -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages: $true

check again the value of the “ProcessExternalMeetingMessages” it should be “true” .

and this was enough to solve my problem.