Couple of days ago i faced a problem with my Exchange 2010 server ,

All external emails coming to / and going out of my organization were not going through , after taking a look in the Edge and CAS/HT Server’s Event Viewer i found those two errors.

Event ID 1024 & 1036.

Source MsExchangeTransport.


After a lot of troubleshooting  i found out that the solution is to re-create the Edge subscription again , which i did , but in 24 hours the problem occurred again . this time i did more digging and found out that it’s because of patching level on Edge and on the HT servers,

which basically causing the sync process to stop in the middle ( Bug )

after i installed the correct patching level on the edge server to be Exchange 2010 SP1 like the HT , the Problem stopped occurring.


Special thanks to my Colleague Hany who helped finding out the Root of the Problem.