With Microsoft announce Lync – Skype Connectivity, some problems occurred, asking our friend Google didn’t find any help.


– Users unable to add Skype users to their Lync Client


The Skype user must be signed in with a Microsoft account (@ Hotmail , outlook, msn).

If the Skype user is using their own email address as a Microsoft ID (for example, instead of or something similar).

then Lync user have to format their name like this when trying to add them as a contact: user(

Other reported Problem I found online:

1- Problem Lync user doesn’t receive “Contact Request” from his Skype friends.

Solution: in Lync client go to Option > Alert > General alerts > select “Tell me when Someone add me to their contact List”

2- Problem with Lync – Skype Audio Calls sometime fails

Solution according to Microsoft this happen less than 1% of the times, and it’s scheduled to be fixed by update to be released by 30 June 2013.

You can find a lot of other reported problems and workaround for them in the amazing Lync Wiki