It is finally here, according to Microsoft Official announcement it looks like with the latest Skype for Windows computer update (download it here) it is possible to make Lync – Skype video calls.

initial testing shows that it is working only between Lync 2013 Mobile & Desktop clients & Skype windows desktop client, testing with Skype iOS and Android did not work, and I don’t use Apple Mac books so here you go Smile


looking into the logs of Lync 2013 client using Snooper the INVITE request coming from Skype client at and the Video codecs used negotiated in the SDP were:

  • 122 X-H264U
  • 121 x-rtvc1
  • 123 x-ulpfecuc


and call established using H264 SVC between both clients following is the SDP from coming from Skype Client at IP with the final candidates list


and this is the SDP coming from the Lync 2013 Client at IP with the final candidates list


so here you go, the more I find out I’ll update this article Smile

have a great weekend.