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Lync 2010/2013 Error – Event ID 30011 Source LS User Replicator


I ran into this error which is repeating a lot in my Lync deployment.

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Deploy & Configure Lync Edge Server – Part1 Preparation


Lync Edge server is what you need to give your Lync Infrastructure external access, unless you one of those guys or companies that prefer using VPN, Lync Edge is designed to provide the following features:

  • Lync Access for Remote users
  • Connection with Federated companies
  • Connection with Public IM

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Lync Audio Test Services not Running Event-ID 32003


So I had an interesting error today at work. When I tried to use the “Check Call” feature in the Lync Client to check for the quality of the voice call, I got a lovely error saying “Operation unsuccessful”

So I was happy (because I rarely have problem or tickets regarding my Lync Infrastructure at work ).

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Lync Behind the Scene – Part 3

this is part 3 of this series Lync Behind the Scene, you can find Part -1 and Part 2 using the following links

Lync Behind the Scene – part 1

Lync Behind the Scene – part 2

SIP Message Syntax


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Understanding Lync DNS records and Autoconfiguration



In This article I will be explaining the Lync DNS requirements

One of the critical components for Lync to work is the DNS Entries. Lync uses two kind of DNS entries:

  1. A record
  2. SRV record

The DNS is usually deployed in a “Split-brain” deployment, this mean that the same zone as the external zone is deployed internally but with different IP-address than the public routable ones.

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Lync Behind the Scene – Part 2


This is Part 2 of Lync Behind the Scene, I will continue with talking about SIP and the anatomy of the Protocol.

you can find here Lync Behind the Scene – Part 1

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Lync Behind the Scene – Part 1

Lync Protocols

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the backbone of all Lync Platforms, Lync was built on the use of SIP, SIP was also extended to accommodates the additional functionalities provided by Lync.

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Understanding Lync Simple URLs




If you planning to deploy Lync in your infrastructure, you seriously need to consider make it available to remote users, which mean users from our side your network can still access Lync.

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Understanding Lync Security – Part 2


this is Part 2 of understanding Lync Security, you can find part 1 here

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