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Simple understanding of Lync/Skype for Business CMS


I decided to write a “Simple Lync CMS Explanation” article, the difference with this article is that I decided to use easy words not big words as much as I can, to make it easier for Engineers with little SQL experience to understand Lync Database and how does it work, replicate鈥tc.

So less words and more diagrams to make it understandable, instead of 5 pages of words

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Complete guide how to deploy and migrate to Lync 2013


To make things easier for all engineers new to the Lync world, I have collected together some of my articles in one place, here you will find all the information to get you started with deploying, configuring and migrating to Lync 2013, as well as decommissioning your Legacy Lync 2010 servers.

I hope it helps and if you find it helpful spread the news and follow me on twitter 馃檪

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Decommissioning Legacy Lync 2010 After Migration to Lync 2013 – Part 2


In part 1 I wrote about what can be considered a guide on a number of post-migration steps to be done before starting with decommissioning of the Legacy Lync 2010 infrastructure, in this article I will be writing on the steps of removing and uninstalling of the legacy Lync 2010 servers.

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Decommissioning Legacy Lync 2010 After Migration to Lync 2013 – Part 1


So this is a quick guide I wrote to a customer to help the IT-department with How-to decommission their legacy Lync, and thought鈥ell I will just change the screenshots and put it on the blog for all engineers out there that will do this for the first time 馃檪

You can also check this article where I collected a number of my article and put them in one “Complete guide for deploying and migrating to Lync 2013”.

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Lync Mobile Client not showing User’s Numbers



one of the problems was looking around for a fix for it was when you open the contact card of a user in your Lync Mobile client, you cannot see his/her Mobile number, and some time the office number.

the work around recommended but not efficient was to add the missing number to the affected 聽contact details in the Outlook.


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Lync 2013 LS Mediation 25051 & 25061 Event ID



So recently I had a problem with Enterprise Voice at a customer side, they had Lync 2013 Enterprise Pool consist of 2 Frontend, collocating mediation server on the same machines.

Customer have Audiocodes gateway added to the topology and one Trunk created to the Lync Mediation pool, all Dial plans, Voice policies, PSTN usage and routing were configured correct.

But they could not make any PSTN outbound or inbound calls from and to Lync.

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The Complete Guide for Troubleshooting Lync/Skype for Business Federation


Once again another article from the field, what I do or other Lync experts does to troubleshooting Lync Federation problems.

Will be covering in this article:

  • 路 Unknown Presence of Federated Partners.
  • 路 LS Protocol Stack event ID 14501
  • 路 LS Protocol Stack event ID 14502
  • 路 LS Protocol Stack event ID 14603
  • 路 LS Protocol Stack event ID 14428
  • Lync Skype Connectivity

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The Complete guide to Troubleshoot Lync/Skype for business – Outlook Clients Integration


I’ve been busy with too many deployments and onsite support and when have time try to help out the Lync Community via Lync TechNet forum.

While doing that I noticed how many open threads and questions are out there about integration problems between Lync client and Outlook 2010 / 2013 clients.

So I decided to gather all problems, how to troubleshoot and solutions about this particular problem and put them in one article and will be updating this post whenever I find something new regarding this topic some steps are suggested by me, some by other Lync expert out there.

Common Problems

So will start be listing common problems that I faced in my day – to – day work

  1. 聽Authentication Prompt
  2. Warning icon in Lync
  3. Conversation History not saved
  4. Cannot reply with IM or see the presence of user in outlook
  5. Cannot schedule an Online Meeting
  6. Lync Client not showing Missed calls
  7. Cannot lookup users in Lync Client
  8. Duplicate contacts in Lync when search for someone

I will be updating this post as more problem / solutions are reported or faced that were not mentioned above.

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Using JetNexus for Publishing Lync Services


I just installed JetNexus in my company’s virtual lab for testing, as we are looking for a replacement for our TMG reverse Proxy.

Big thanks to the JetNexus team for the great help they provided me. If you guys interested in another solution to replace your reverse proxy, give this one a try, even if you don鈥檛 have any experience on how to work with or configure JetNexus, their team will call you, invite you for an online meeting and show you their lab and how to configure it and work with this solution.

So download the virtual appliance from here , it is supported on most of the Virtual hosts out there (Hyper-V, VMWare鈥)

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