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Skype For Business Client – Technical Preview


So Microsoft just announced in a blog article that the new Skype for Business client (Technical preview) is now available to download and test.

so you can register to the insider community and download the new client, which Microsoft brought the familiar Skype client experience that according to their numbers 300 million people used to

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Supported or not Supported, this is the Question


UPDATE 19-01-2015: thanks to Lync MVP Thomas Poett, and his input, I updated the article

how many times did you stumble upon a question from a customer if a certain feature or deployment scenario is supported by Microsoft and Lync 2013 or not.

we all forget, I mean there is a new stuff happening in our world (UC) every minute and sometime we loss tracks, so I have what I call my SCS (supported Cheat sheet) where I keep all information I have through my years in Lync by something I read or researched or learned from someone else about Lync supportabilities, and I decided to share it here in a blog article about what is supported or not supported regarding Lync 2013.

feel free please to correct my information, or put a comment about something I did not mentioned and I will be add it to this article, the purpose is to use this article as a fast / complete resource for “supported or not supported” questions.

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Exchange Voicemail not working with Lync Simultaneous ringing to PSTN number


last week I had an annoying problem with Exchange, Lync and PSTN, when a user have simultaneous ringing enabled to his/her mobile number and they don’t answer the call, the call get disconnected or get forwarded to the Cell network Voicemail instead of Exchange Voicemail.

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Lync 2013 LS Mediation 25051 & 25061 Event ID



So recently I had a problem with Enterprise Voice at a customer side, they had Lync 2013 Enterprise Pool consist of 2 Frontend, collocating mediation server on the same machines.

Customer have Audiocodes gateway added to the topology and one Trunk created to the Lync Mediation pool, all Dial plans, Voice policies, PSTN usage and routing were configured correct.

But they could not make any PSTN outbound or inbound calls from and to Lync.

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Microsoft Lync 2013 Client Available now on WP8 Marketplace


Lync 2013 Client is finally out there give it a Try, it comes with some new cool Features.


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